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    "Hippie Docs"
Trading White Coats for Tie-Dye and Rainbows
2022 Trailer


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Created and hosted by a seasoned San Francisco psychiatrist and author, Paul R. Linde, MD, in collaboration with an experienced producer and journalist, Darya Mead, the trailblazing podcast "Hippie Docs 2.0: Re-Humanizing Medicine” seeks to create a bridge between the past and present – starting with often charismatic, long-haired, tie-dyed, guru-following brand-new med school grads treating society’s most downtrodden during the Civil Rights era – all the way to the 21st Century when younger doctors (Hippie Docs 2.0) carry the banner by advocating for social justice, continuing to treat society's most vulnerable citizens.  

The movement’s vanguard came of age in the 1960s and 1970s, creating a titanic culture clash with medicine’s historically paternalistic, conservative white-coated patricians dominant in a time when "dinosaurs roamed the earth” and “giants walked the halls" of medicine.

While examining the good work that’s been done and is still happening, the program also explores another aspect of progressive medicine.  And that’s a return to a more mindful and heart-based medical practice, looking closely at how master clinicians make connections with their patients in our current era of the doctor-patient relationship under siege.

A key barrier to heart-centered medicine is the electronic health record (EHR).  Combined with an overload of administrative demands made within the confines of an often hostile bureaucracy preoccupied with regulatory issues and medico-legal risk management, the EHR ironically erodes the quality of care it was designed to to improve.

These days, health care is much more systems-driven than patient-centered.  Many doctors, myself included, are seeking a return to a more balanced, holistic, ethical, and satisfying practice style – with a renewed focus on the patient and not the system.  This will be a journey of healing for both patient and doctor, each one of us on a quest for "Re-Humanizing Medicine".

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